I work as an international executive coach, trainer and facilitator since 1993. My company ‘Helder Inzicht’ is founded in 2001.

My way of working is simple and practical, which results in long-lasting and significant transformation.



& team


I am working in partnership with Aberkyn.  I have a broad experience in realizing transformation within individuals and groups with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. I have worked with companies such as Mars, Volvo, Philips, Fortum, ABN-AMRO, Fortis, IMC, Rabobank, Bayer, Merck, Coca-Cola, Sony-Ericson, Roche, GHX, Sanofi and BCG.

I like to go beyond peoples limitations of their current approaches and mental models, so I constantly challenge them in order to achieve sustainable, personal and professional growth. I work with C-level as well as emerging leaders, in guiding leaders and teams through a transformational process, which allows them to be:
- More mindful
- Get better results
- Be more efficient
- Have greater impact on their organization


The first stage of leadership is being able to lead yourself. The second stage is being able to lead others. The third stage is being able to lead & inspire larger groups and organizations. Within every step there are several steps to develop.

leadership programs

The society of today and the coming era needs leaders who are able to deal with the challenges of today and the future. The times of the ego driven leader who is not able to lead from his heart, is not able to use his powers in a connective way and is not able to make wise decisions for the company and the society are over. True leaders need to find a balance between power, wisdom and love.

Building on 20 years of experience with several international leadership programs I am able to co-create transformational leadership programs which have deep impact and really make a difference. I make use of a wide variety of knowledge, insights and methods and work in partnership with several highly appreciated Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation companies.

Within more than 20 years experience, I have worked with a wide variety of cross-cultural teams in building a true dialogue.

facilitate dialogue

A true, deep and honest dialogue is the basis of all places where people work and live together. Over the years I have built the ability to read the people as well the room. In a save environment I am able to guide challenging group sessions, where people will open up to each other and have the crucial conversations they need to make.

After a journey into nature leaders will be able to experience the power of silence & reflection and they will have better connection with their deeper drivers.

leadership journeys into nature

The result is that they will become more conscious, more powerful and loving leaders. I work together with the Foundation for Natural leadership (www.naturalleadership.eu) in organizing Leadership trails.
In a leadership journey I take a selected group of leaders on a 5-8 days journey into nature. During this journey people will:

- Dare to see their deeper and most powerful selfs
- Find more clarity
- Feel more peace
- Reconnect with themselves
- Develop more focus

As a human being we have a very sophisticated energy system, which is connected to a much bigger energy system or energy field.
Using meditation and healing in a group or individual has proven to be a very powerful method, which is very easy to practice. Big companies, such as ABN-AMRO, Google, McKinsey&Co, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Nike and Apple are working with meditation together with their employees. The results people experience amongst a lot of other things while meditating are more focus, more peace of mind, a better overview and more energy.

 & healing

When in a group of people, all individuals are able to connect consciously to their own energy and the energy around them, they can influence and use the energy to realize small or great things. Meditation and healing are two different ways of connecting people with their individual and collective energy.

During a meditation session I only guide the process and let things happen as they come. During a healing session I will take a more active role and will connect to individuals or the group with the energy in the room and the universal energy field. A healing session can remove individual or group blockages and renew the energy.

Robin Groeneveld



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